Michael Lining

Singer / Trumpet Player

Professional Musician

Computer Technician

Audio/Video Producer

Christian Youtuber

Worship Leader

in Greenville, South Carolina

Full Time Music and Content Producer, Podcaster

at Prodigies Music


I grew up in Northeast Ohio and was drawn to music, harmony, and singing at a young age. My earliest musical influences are Ron Hamilton/Patch the Pirate, Mac Lynch, the Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet, and the SMS Mens Chorus/Quartets. I began composing and arranging at 9 years old, and studied trumpet from 4th grade through my masters degree. I have a B. S. in Music Education from Pensacola Christian College, and a Masters in Church Music Trumpet from Bob Jones University. 

Today, I'm a husband, dad, I lead worship at Bethel Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, and I'm a music creator, barbershopper, and Youtuber. My passion is to share the love of music through worship and singing with all ages. I began Youtube in 2007 by recording pop piano covers, then became brave enough to start singing my arrangements in 2013, which I currently still work on and record.

I began tinkering with computers in elementary school, and started servicing desktops for family and friends when I was 14. I continued working with computers through college and worked IT at BJU from 2011-2012, eventually becoming A+ Certified from 2014-2016. I currently serve computer customers and some businesses all around Greenville, SC. 

I have various professional music services available including live performing for weddings, church events, recording individuals and groups (i.e. bands or orchestras), leading worship, and setting up and running live sound / audiovisual for events.

I also have a small recording studio, where I record myself singing A Capella and instrumental music videos for Youtube. I also compose, arrange, and produce music in a variety of different genres, but concentrated in sacred, gospel, and folk music. Our whole family is musical: my wife Mandy is a Christian singer/songwriter with her own channel and website, and my son Caleb, who is currently 10, is an accomplished singer and has his own Youtube channel as well. You can follow my music and recordings by subscribing to my Youtube channel and following me on social media, linked below: