Preschool Prodigies is an early childhood music curriculum and teaching tool.  The founder of the program is Mr. Rob, a talented preschool music educator that designed the curriculum to be an easy, accessible, and innovative way of teaching music to young children.

Using digital video technology, as well as tapping into the latest research surrounding early childhood brain development, Mr. Rob's program is groundbreaking in many respects. Its widely used by Christian schools, public schools, and homeschoolers. 

My son Boo uses the program to great success. It has taught him perfect pitch, how to sing in tune, and how to play melodies by ear on different instruments. I can personally vouch for the program's effectiveness.

I serve Preschool Prodigies as an assistant music track / content producer and with customer service and support. 
If you are interested in Preschool Prodigies for your classroom or homeschool, please visit my affiliate link. 
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Watch Boo enjoying the program:

Hear some Preschool Prodigies demo tracks: