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I'm an avid trumpet player, keyboardist, and singer. I have a B. S. in Music Education from Pensacola Christian College, and currently pursuing a Masters in Church Music from Bob Jones University. I have various professional music services available including live performing for weddings, church events, recording individuals and groups (i.e. bands or orchestras), leading worship, sound equipment set up and live sound engineer. Here is a link to my professional music business card (Click Here). 
Contact me for a quote. Here are links to some professional music recordings I've produced:
Live Studio Trumpet Recording of Matt Cruice, Trumpeter in Greenville, SC.
Studio Production of "Scarborough Fair" with Celtic Echoes and Heidi Haase Smith (Buy for $1.29)
Live Band Recording of Bob Jones University Wind Band performing "Bock Fanfares" by Jess Langston Turner.
Live Choir and Small Orchestra of "Baba Yetu" from Civilization 4 with Michelle Davis' Graduate Conducting Choir. 
Brass Quintet of BJU students recording "Joy to the World." 
Virtual Choir of Youtube musicians around the world performing "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel" by Moses Hogan (audio producer)
I also have a small recording studio, where I record myself singing A Capella and instrumental music videos for Youtube. I also compose, arrange, and produce music in a variety of different genres, but concentrated in sacred, gospel, and folk music. You can follow my music and recordings by subscribing to my Youtube channel and following me on social media, linked below:
Also, please check out my wife Mandy's website. She is a singer / songwriter with a beautiful voice, and together we have produced an album of her songs called "Rays from Heaven" (Click Here) which is available for CD purchase of $15.00.

Youtube: A Capella Quartets

Youtube: Virtual Choirs

Youtube: Trumpet & Brass